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I remember one day in preschool, the teacher was asking what we would like to become once we grow up. The common answers were 'Firefighter', 'Policeman', 'Doctor!' everybody seemed so determined, but me? I didn't know what I wanted to be. Then, when the teacher turned to me and asked 'What about you, Sofian?' I became nervous and shouted 'GERMAN!' everybody started to laugh. Today I still don't know what I want to 'become' but I know what I want to DO, I want to tell Stories. Stories which inspire me, just like that little Story that I just told you.

Sofian S.Bello

  • Born in Paris on 23.02.1992
  • Finished School 2011
  • Made my first Videoclip titled 'Der Unbekannte'(The Unknown) 2011
  • Won my first Award for the Film 'Standhalten'(Resolution) summer 2011
  • Working as Freelancer since 2012
  • Joined NDTeam Productions in late 2012

Lights, Camera, Action!
A Quick View Behind the Scenes

'Bla bla, don't tell me show me!'

— Bellomotion

What's New?

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Bello-Blog #2: What was I doing again?

Hey Folks,
this is Sofian again, telling you whats going on in the world of Bellomotion :P .

Still working on that „Cellphone-Thingy“?

As you might remember we are currently working on a project for a brand called „Telileo“.

This project is an „almost“ No-Budget-Project and hence we are bound to ask family and
friends for support but they are all doing great! It‘s nice to have such good friends.

Good ol‘ Paperwork!

Any volunteers?

We had to quickly set up a storyboard and a rough shotlist to save time. Well unfortunately it still took us a day to get it all over with.

Let’s get it on!
Then we finally started shooting the first scene of the commercial.
Watching the location and our half naked Actors I kinda felt like we were shooting for Abercrombie
and Fitch…it’s kinda ironic that Leo our Friend and Actor in this commercial, actually works at A&F.

Paint me like one of your french girls…
Thanks to Jennifer Mendez we had some professional Make-Up for our beautiful friend Imke.

There is still so much Work to do, but as always it never get’s boring :D

Talk to you soon! 

Photos by Lintaro Hopf

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